Saturday, April 26, 2014

Snow White Movie Night

I managed to sneak in one more movie night before we head to Disneyland! I chose Snow White because I plan on dressing the kids up as Snow White and Dopey during our trip.
I had the Dopey costume made for Little Man. But I bought the darling Snow White dress from a friend of mine at They have the cutest dresses and they are both washable and durable. Which is a good combination because HD is hard on clothes.
I kept this movie night pretty simple since we are in the process of packing for our trip. My hubby thought I was slightly nuts for planning a movie night a couple of days before we leave. But I just had to sneak in Snow White.
I decided to use Snow White's red, yellow and blue colors to dress up the table. I bought the table cloth, plastic plates and bowls at Dollar Tree. Three dollars and I was done! I placed a basket of apples in the middle of the table for some added d├ęcor.
I created a menu for our night as well. I love this classic poster for the cover!
I used French Script MJ for the font inside the menu. It looked similar to the decorative cursive writing used in the poster on the cover of the menu.
I found this image at rebloggy and love how classic and simple it is.
I'd decided on soup for dinner because it's simple and Snow White made the Dwarfs soup on her first day at their cottage. Remember how the seven dwarfs came home from working in the mine to discover a clean house and food cooking in the giant black pot above the fire? I called our soup Snow White's fire roasted soup. The day before our movie night, my mother-in-law called to say she'd be making ham bone soup for all of us the next day. It couldn't have worked out better! So they joined us for our movie night. We also had forest berries and garlic boulders (biscuits) from the dwarf's mine. Our beverage was poison potion and for dessert we had the Evil Queen's not-so poisonous apple dumplings. Plus it reminded me of this cute little part of the movie:

Snow White: [to the Seven Dwarfs] If you let me stay, I'll keep house for you. I'll wash and sew and sweep and cook.
Dwarfs: Cook?
Doc: Uh, can you make dapple lumplings? Er, lumple dapplings?
Grumpy, Sleepy: Apple dumplings.
Doc: Yes, crapple dumpkins.
Snow White: Yes, and plum pudding and gooseberry pie.
Dwarfs: Gooseberry pie? Hooray! She stays!
Our crafts for the night were to decorate a magic mirror and color a Snow White puzzle. The activities I planned were to mine for gems, play a game of pass the poison apple and then make a wish in the wishing well.
Here are the table settings. I used wine glasses for the adult beverages and then the usual glass cups for the kids.
I quickly made some movie tickets and placed them next to every one's plate.
I used a small metal bowl to create the wishing well. I added a few drops of blue food coloring to give it some color. I placed this on the table next the basket of apples.
Next to every one's plate, I placed two pennies. During dinner everyone was able to make wishes and toss their penny into the wishing well. The metal bowl made a fun "tink" every time a penny was tossed in.
Here are the cups I used for the kids. I didn't want them to drop and brake a wine glass.
I used lemon lime kool aid to make the poison potion green just like the Evil Queen's. I added a few drops of green food coloring to make the color a bit more intense.
HD and Little Man loved having Grandma and Grandpa over for our movie night!
After dinner the kids went straight to the mining for gems game. I took a bunch of gems HD had from her pirate treasure chest and placed them in the sensory bin with corn kernels. The kids had a blast digging them out.
They both spent a while digging for the gems. Then HD counted them all up to make sure we had all of them.
Then we colored some puzzles I found at Dollar Tree. Only one actually had Snow White, but it was simple and fun and the kids loved them anyway!
HD spent a while making her puzzle really colorful. Then she took it apart and put it back together. Simple fun and only $1.
Next up we decorated our magic mirrors using beads, flowers, gems, etc. I used tacky glue and left it our to dry overnight. The kids had fun choosing what to put on their mirrors.
The finished mirrors left out to dry.
Then we grabbed an apple and headed to the living room to play our pass the poison apple game. This is just like hot potato where the apple is passed back and forth until the music stops. Once the music stops however, the person with the apple has to pretend to take a bite and pass out from the poison. The kids LOVED this!  
They had so much fun pretending to pass out. And we all had some good laughs.
Little Man was so dramatic and didn't care if he had the apple or not - he would just randomly pass out.
We played this for several rounds before heading down to start the movie.
Little Man happily ate an apple while we watched the movie.
HD was more excited to find out when the popcorn would be popped.
What a great movie night! Please check out my Snow White Movie Night board on pinterest to see the pins, blogs and posts where I got ideas and inspiration from.