Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sleeping Beauty Movie Night

Life has been so crazy busy lately that movie nights haven't been happening. I haven't found the time to prep for them which has been sad because I love putting them together. HD and I decided it was way past time for one and planned a Sleeping Beauty night.
I decided to stick to Pink since it's Aurora's color. I picked up a pink and white table cloth at Dollar tree. I placed the white one on the bottom and then folded the pink in half and placed it down the middle like a runner. I gathered the two together on each end of the table and tied them securely. While I was at dollar tree I came across some decorate silver plates and plastic goblet type cups. I decided to buy them and make dinner into a royal feast.  
I made some movie tickets for us as well. 
A while ago I came across this cute block play set at Michael's craft store and bought it for the kids. I thought it worked well for a center piece on the table.
The kids really like looking through our menu's to discover what the night has in store. This is the movie poster I chose for the cover. 
I love this image from deviantart and used it for the back cover. 
I had a hard time coming up with Sleeping Beauty themed foods. I finally decided to make a pork roast and call it Prince Phillip's dragon breast. We also had Briar Rose's forest berries, Fauna's sparkling water and then make it blue...cupcakes for dessert. 
Our crafts were to paint a Maleficent dragon and color Aurora's birthday cake. The activities were to pick forest berries and then play a game of sleep tag.
Here is the inside of the menu.
I also had some cute silver serving platters and placed the forest berries and "dragon" breast on them.
Prince Phillip's dragon breast with sweet potatoes. make them blue...cupcakes. 
Table all set and ready for dinner. 
HD and Little Man were so excited to check out the menus before starting dinner. 
Hailey was excited to discover what a dragon tasted like. Mr. wasn't too happy that I had pretended to cook up a dragon. 
Little Man loved the big glasses to drink from.
And, of course, dessert was a big hit! 
After dinner we started painting our dragons. I found these at Michael's for a couple of dollars.  
Then we colored and decorated Aurora's birthday cake. I found the printable here
Then the kids went into the living room to pick forest berries. I gave them a basket and they collected the pom pom's I had taped all over the room. They both hummed while they picked the berries. 
Then we went outside to play sleep tag. The person who was 'it' was Maleficent. They had to go around and tag everyone else to put them to sleep. The players who hadn't been put to sleep yet could wake the ones who had. We played several rounds of this before movie time.  
HD loved pretending to be asleep. 
Then we settled down with some fresh popped popcorn and enjoyed our movie.
We had so much fun! I hope it doesn't take us so long to get around to another movie night.

For all blogs and boards which I got ideas and inspiration from please check out my Sleeping Beauty Movie Night board on pinterest.