Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cinderella Movie Night

I decided to start doing themed family movie nights this year. And since we got Disneyland annual passes for Christmas, I figured we'd start with Disney movies. I chose Cinderella for our first movie night.
I pulled out some old restaurant style menus I'd forgotten about. And yes, I seriously had them laying around. Once upon a time I bought, and used them, when Mr. and I were first married or when we had guests over for dinner. It was a fun and cheesy touch to an ordinary meal. They worked perfectly for our themed movie night too! I downloaded some Cinderella fonts to use on my menus. Then I searched for Cinderella posters and made one of them my menu cover. To personalize the cover I used the AL Cinderella font to add our name.
Inside our menu I listed the crafts and activities I had planned for the evening. I searched for Cinderella silhouettes and used them to decorate the inside pages of the menu. I changed them to a blue color and then used Edwardian Script font for the main writing.  For dinner we had Cinderella's carriage wheel alfredo pasta with chicken and portabella mushrooms. HD loves alfredo and it was a big hit! I've never used carriage wheel pasta and found it difficult to find which surprised me. I went to three stores before finding it. We also had Major's steamed carrots (I'll admit that I had no idea what the horses name was. Thank goodness for Google!), Fairy Godmother's starry night garlic toast and strawberry mice. For dessert we had Magic pumpkin orange sherbet ice cream. I got a lot of inspiration from this blog post I found on pinterest.
For our crafts we made Fairy Godmother wands and colored pictures. We then played a few games such as finding Gus under coffee mugs, stacking corn and balancing a tray on our heads.
Here is what the inside of the menu looks like with the pages side by side.
I used another Cinderella poster for the image on the back of the menu.
I took one of the silhouettes I'd used in the menu and changed the color to black with a blue border and sized them to fit on our little glass cups. Then I added some blue and white striped paper straws I had in the house. Such a simple way to make water fun.
I put HD's tea set on the table next to Gus who I printed from the Spoonful website. He was the perfect size to hide under a coffee mug. Sadly, my strawberry mice looked more like foxes. I sent Mr. to the store to grab some sliced almonds and accidently told him to grab slivered almonds. He grabbed what I'd asked for, and since he didn't know what they were for, he didn't realized I'd made a mistake. Oops...they still tasted yummy.  
I printed out a move ticket for each of us. I found these darling ones at Momma's Playground. She tells you what fonts she uses so that you can add your own name to the ticket. Cute!  
The carriage wheel pasts was delicious!
I cut the garlic bread into stars using a cookie cutter before cooking it.
Then we sat down to enjoy our meal together!
After dinner we had Magic pumpkin orange sherbet ice cream. I found the idea on I used mint cookies for the "dirt" and then used a tootsie roll for the stem. The spoonful website had a piece of mint attached to the top for a leaf. It looked really cute but I knew my kids wouldn't eat it so I didn't bother buying any.  I made the mistake of telling HD that the cookies were "dirt" and she was careful to eat only the ice cream after that. I couldn't convince here they there were just yummy cookie crumbs.
Then we put Gus under a coffee mug and I mixed three of them up and had HD try to guess which cup he was under. It was a lot of fun and HD got really good at watching the cup with Gus under it while I was mixing them up. We also laughed during the movie when Lucifer was looking for Gus under the tea cups since we'd just played our own version up in the kitchen.  
We also made Fairy Godmother wands. I got this fun idea from
Then I pulled out some of the dry corn I have for sensory bins and we tried to see how high we could stack it. We weren't very good at this but it was still fun.
Then we tried to balance a tea set on our head like Cinderella does in the movie.
HD didn't want to let go.
Then we watched the movie because it was getting late and we wanted to finish it before bedtime.
The next morning HD colored the Cinderella pictures.
This was such a fun night and I can't wait for the next one! For all blogs and posts that I received inspiration from please visit my Cinderella Movie Night board on pinterest.

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