Saturday, January 24, 2015

Princess and the Frog Movie Night

Mr. came home from a quick trip to the grocery store the other day with ingredients for Gumbo. When he said he was going to make it, I immediately started planning a Princess and the Frog Movie night. HD was so excited we were going to have one!
I went with a green theme for frogs and also because it's the color of the dress Tiana wears at the end of the movie. I decided to run a blue table cloth down the center of the table to simulate water from the bayou. On the blue table cloth I placed some plastic floating leaves, water lilies, two plastic frogs and a crocodile. (I used an old Crocodile Dentist we had laying around)
The items on the "water"
I placed two plastic frogs on one of the lily pads. 
I made some movie tickets and placed them on the table. HD was upset I didn't print enough. Mr. decided that we had so much Gumbo that we needed to invite his parents over to join us. His dad loves Gumbo. And, not to brag, but my hubby can make a mean pot of Gumbo. 
I made some labels to put on our glasses of Mama Odie's Swamp Juice. 
I picked up some paper plates and plastic bowels at the party store. Dollar Tree didn't have anything in green. 
The table all ready for dinner. 
I cut an apple into the shape of a frog and placed him on the table. I cute kiwi and cut out a little triangle so they looked like lily pads. HD made sure to tell me that they weren't big enough for my frog. I followed the guide on Krokotak to cut out the apple. 
I printed out our traditional menu. We can't have movie night without one of these now. 
Back cover. 
Inside of the menu. 
For dinner we had Tiana's gumbo, Big Daddy's corn bread, lily pad fruit and a frog apple. Our beverage was Mama Odie's swamp juice. For dessert we had Charlotte's man catching beignets. 
Our crafts were to make perler bead frogs, paint Tiana and friends, and make Ray's lightening bug jar. Then our games were to pin the kiss on the frog, play musical lily pads and have a frog hopping race. As soon as HD read the menu she started practicing her hopping skills. 
Mr. let HD help add the spice and Tabasco to the gumbo pot. I couldn't get a good picture because she started going to town adding a ton and we had to stop her before it was way too hot. 
Home made beignets for dessert! They were so yummy!! My in-laws said they were even better then the ones we had on our last Disney trip. I got the recipe from Country Cleaver
HD loved shaking them in the powdered sugar. 
This was our first time trying Perler beads. I bought these months ago at Micheal's on clearance. I didn't get a pic of the kids putting them together because they both wanted my help. 
Then we used water colors to paint some pics of Tiana and friends. 
Then it was time for musical lily pads. I got the print out from a link on Pinterest that is no longer working. It originally was pinned to I printed out and laminated the lily pads. Then I played some of the fun music from Princess and the Frog while everyone walked around in a circle. Once I stopped the music you had to jump on a lily pad. 
Every time I restarted the music I took away one lily pad. 
We played twice and each of the kids won. 
Then we had our frog hopping races. I bought these jumping frogs at the Dollar Tree a long time ago. Everyone was given one frog and they had to jump it across the room. First one to the other side was the winner. 
Grandpa learned that the frog actually jumped best if he was upside down. HD quickly started using that method. 
Our last game was pin the kiss on the frog. I bought this at Dollar Tree months ago. 
HD went first. 
It was too funny when the men donned the pink frog glasses. 
This frog was covered with kisses! 
Our last craft was to make Ray's lightening bug jars. I found this fun idea on Come Together Kids. Since we don't have lightening bugs where I live I didn't worry about using a jar that I could poke holes in the lid. I found these little jars at Micheal's for about $1.50. We used a paint brush to put spots of glow in the dark modge podge inside the glass.  

Then on the outside we drew wings and antenna around the spots to complete our lightening bugs.  
Cute little glowing jar of lightening bugs.
And finally it was movie time. We ate some yummy gummy frogs while we watched the movie. 
Monkey see monkey do. Little man copies whatever HD does. So as soon as she moved to the floor so did he. It was really cute to watch them enjoy the movie together. 

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