Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tangled Movie Night

I have so much fun planning our movie nights! I chose to base this one around the movie Tangled. We have less then a month until our trip to Disneyland and we're dressing HD and Little Man up as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider when we go. So I had to sneak this movie in somewhere. And for some reason, despite the numerous times the movies been played at our house, Mr. has never seen the ending. And as a fun coincidence, when HD was cutting a link off her count down to Disneyland chain, the link featured Rapunzel and Pascal. Perfect and unplanned!    
The kids like the menus for our movie nights so I made a set for Tangled. I used the cute movie tickets from Momma's Playground. I've used them before and think they are darling!  
I splurged and bought a Tangled table cloth this time around at Zurchers. It added a cute touch and made our painting crafts easy to clean up.
HD has a set of candles that light up and change color. She got them for Christmas and uses them as a night light. (I don't recommend this though because these things run through batteries like crazy. We had to switch to rechargeable and still have to charge them every 24-48 hours.) But they're perfect for this. I added a sun to each of them and then lit them up to glow purple. We turned them on while we ate dinner.   
While at the Disney store this week I let the kids each choose one item. HD wanted a stuffed animal but, since she has SO many already, I encouraged her to choose something else. She settled on a figurine play set. Added bonus for this, is that she can take the figures along for our drive to Disneyland. I put them on the table next to the candles.
Easy themed table decor!
Paging Super Mom offers a free template for these cute banners! I added some yellow ribbon to them and attached them to each of our chairs.
I came across several party websites on Pinterest featuring this cute idea! Basically you use black paper plates to create a frying pan. Super simple and super cheap since I bought the plates at Dollar Tree. Plus it makes clean up at the end of the meal a snap and I have lots left over for crafts, picnics, etc.
I found several websites featuring hanging lanterns and thought they'd be super cute above the table. I went with purple but, in hind site, would have gone with a light yellow or white so that glow sticks inside would work. I attempted to put some in mine but the lanterns were too dark and too big to notice them. My favorite lanterns were from a shop I found on Etsy and a post at Catch My Party.  
I used two shades of purple for the lanterns and made some square and some cylinder. I then glued a yellow sun to each one, hole punched both sides and hung them using yellow ribbon.
I wrapped our utensils up with a candy necklace featuring Rapunzel's tiara.
This is what each of our place settings looked like.
I created a label for our glasses in Microsoft word. I chose to use the chalk art that Rapunzel creates at the Festival. I finished the glasses off by using purple straws.
I used a combination of Waltograph font and Tangled font. The tangled font is not complete and does not have all the uppercase letters. Plus some of the lower case letters get cut off in funny places when used. So I used a combination of the two.  
For dinner we had Rapunzel's angel hair cheesy pasta. I found the recipe at Tied up with String. I left out the goat cheese and doubled the sauce and it was delicious! We also had Festival braided hair bread sticks and Maximus' apples. We drank magical golden flower juice (lemonade) and then had Pascal's paint brushes for dessert.
Our crafts for the night were to color the Corona sun, paint like Rapunzel and color Tangled pictures. Then we played hide and seek with Pascal and had to untangle Rapunzel's hair.
I served the bread sticks on a cast iron skillet.
Dinner was great! And yes Little Man is wearing a pink knit hat - it's name is Kitty. Don't ask...
Then it was time to enjoy Pascal's paint brushes. (Rice Krispie treats with colored chocolate on them. I used a short cut by buying the prepackaged ones.)
HD was so excited to be able to eat one! She helped me make them and had already chosen hers.
Little Man called them yummy otter pops and ate all the chocolate off and only a bit of the rice krispie treat.
I also made some yummy Tangled popcorn to enjoy during our movie. I saw this featured on
After dinner we started our crafts. I picked up these suns at Micheal's for $1 each. The kids got to color them.
I also bought these canvases at Michael's. They were having a 50% off sale on the two pack. I taped their initials on to the canvases before they started painting.
They also colored some Tangled pictures I printed off from the Internet.
HD went straight to work painting.
Little Man LOVED painting.
HD insists on rinsing her paint brush with water between colors. Her paint ended up pretty thin.  
We put the paintings aside to dry and pulled out the crayons. HD went straight to work coloring but Little Man discovered the candy bracelet and decided that was more fun.
Then it was time to play hide and seek with Pascal. I printed him off from and had HD color him. I had the kids wait in the kitchen and then I hid him in the living room. HD LOVED this game and played it many times.
Mr played hide and seek with them for a bit while I got the next activity set up. I took yellow crepe paper (Rapunzel's hair) and wrapped it all over the kitchen and then into the living room.
The next time HD found Pascal she was instructed to help him untangle Rapunzel's hair.
Then it was movie time!
After the movie we pulled the tape off of the canvases so the kids could see their initials. HD had used so much water that the paint had bled through a bit. It was still really cute. Her painting looks like it has yellow lanterns.

For all blogs and websites that inspired my movie night please visit my Tangled Movie Night board on Pinterest.

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  1. Love this! Awesome ideas and fun games! My family is going to do Tangled this month and I wanted to ask where did you get the Tangled font an the waltograph font? Thanks for your help