Saturday, March 8, 2014

Planes Movie Night

Mr. was out of town last week on a snowmobile trip, so we postponed our movie night. It almost didn't happen this week because I came down with a yucky cold bug and wasn't sure if I'd manage to get everything ready in time. Hooray...I did! Our Planes movie night was so much fun too! Mr. thinks it was the best one yet.
I had a hard time coming up with our meal option. I like the idea of sitting around the table eating together. However, I came across several wonderful ideas on Pinterest that were themed around eating during the movie. I combined a few ideas and decided to let the kids eat an "in flight meal" while sitting in airplanes that they helped construct from cardboard boxes. It worked out perfectly and the kids LOVED it! I created our movie tickets and printed out our menu and activity list. I only printed one menu this time since we weren't going to use them as table settings. Please see my Planes pinterest board for all the wonderful blogs and posts that inspired me in creating this movie night!  
I used a Planes movie poster for the cover of our menu.
I made our menus using eagle-book font.  
Besides cutting our sandwiches into airplanes shapes, I themed our food by naming them after things in the movie. Our Doritos became El Chupacabra's flavored tortilla chips, etc.
I planned three crafts and two activities. We were going to make airplanes out of clothespins, color pictures of Planes characters, and fold paper airplanes. Then we were going to have a paper airplane throwing contest and attend pilot training school. The kids needed to earn their pilot badge so they could fly in their planes during the movie.  
The back of the cover was another Planes movie poster.
I threw up some simple décor by printing Planes characters from and attaching them to some paper tissue balls I'd picked up at Walmart. The idea was to have it look like they were flying among the clouds.
I came across the idea of cardboard airplanes on The Pinning Mama and loved it. HD chose a small box for herself and nothing could convince her that a bigger box might be more comfortable. HD chose to paint her box red after helping cut out the wings and then she chose to color, paint and add glitter to it. Little Man didn't really care much so I had Mr. paint the box whatever color he chose. Mr. painted it blue and added silver stripes to it.  
HD was insistent that I not cut off the sides to redesign the wings of her plane. I think her plane resembles a Manta.
The kid's sandwiches were cut into the shape of planes using one of our many cookie cutters. I have quite the collection going but most have never actually been used to make cookies. I made Mr. and I some more spruced up sandwiches since I felt bad feeding my husband a sandwich for dinner.
I found these cute water bottles a while back at Family Dollar. I added the planes logo to them and then used to create the 'Pilot Fuel' wording. I downloaded the blank planes wings and read instructions on how to use flamingtext from Great Kids Birthday Parties.  
While Little Man was napping I made our Cloud Jell-O and packed our In Flight Meals. I found the recipe for Sky Jell-O on Anastasia's Palace. It was pretty easy to make. While mine is not nearly as pretty as Anastasia's, it works right?
Using the wings I downloaded from Great Kids Birthday Parties, I created a label for our meals. I taped it to the lid of our Tupperware boxes.
For dinner we had Wings Around the Globe aerodynamic sandwiches (PB&J in the shape of a plane), Dusty's crop dusted fruits and vegetables, Navigation antenna cheese sticks, and El Chupacabra's flavored tortilla chips. We had Pilot Fuel (ice water) to drink and Cloud Jell-O for dessert.  
Simple but very fun!
I also added a toy plane to each of our meals. I think I found these cuties at Target.
I made each of the kids a pair of wings using felt. These were for our Pilot Training. I came across the idea for these on Make Life Lovely. I used her pattern to create Dusty wings for HD. Then I decided to make some El Chupacabra themed ones for Little Man.
HD was so excited to have her own wings!
When Little Man woke up from his nap, I decided to take advantage of our strangely warmer weather, and head outside for Pilot Training.
The kids had to work on their turns by zig zagging through cones, around the tree,  and then back through the cones.
They had to work on flying nice and steady by walking along a balance beam. We also worked on taking off and landing.
When they completed their training they earned their pilot badge. I ran across these cute Yazzles at Walmart. They light up and glow red, blue and green when pressed.  
HD is officially a pilot!
Next came folding paper airplanes. The kids weren't at all interested in this so I put Mr. to work while the kids colored.  I found these here.
HD and Little Man colored their character pictures and then colored some clothespins.
Once the clothespins were colored, I had them choose which wings they wanted on their planes. Then I attached them using a hot glue gun.
Once our crafts were done, we headed for the basement to fly our paper airplanes. We each chose a character to fly and took turns throwing them. Mr. won the first time for throwing his the farthest, then HD won. Then we all threw them together to see which plane would cross our imaginary finish line first. Mr. won again.
Then it was time to watch our movie!
Little Man was so excited when we opened his meal. He liked the plane sandwiches and toy.
HD was also excited to discover a toy plane in her box!
The kids enjoyed sitting in their planes and eating while watching the movie. I did lay down a blanket for easy clean up.
Even our dog was excited to watch the movie.
Go Dusty!!
Mr. snuck his plane onto the wing tip of HD's plane while she wasn't looking. She was so excited when she discovered that it had flown over.
After the kids had eaten I surprised them with Planes gummies I'd found at Dollar Tree. Little Man loved putting the stickers all over his plane.

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